Beauty Through Simplicity

FACA is a clothing and accessory label for the stylish modern man. Up to date yet classic designs ensure that your style will be long lasting.

Started in 2007 with high end t-shirts hand printed in Miami, FACA developed into a clothing and accessory label for the chic cosmopolitan man. At the moment our collection consists of designer dress shirts and a wide range of accessories such as wrist wear, sunglasses, and cufflinks. Made of the best quality materials that are available and combined with our effortless style, FACA items will become a staple of your wardrobe.

Why "FACA" ?

Faca is pronounced “fazza” – like pizza – literally translates to “face”. FACA is a Croatian/Dalmatian word originally stemming from the Italian “faccia”. In Croatian it is often used as a slang to address people who live life according to their own rules and achieve great things. Legends per say – James Dean, Bob Marley, Bruce Lee.


FACA Design Principals

It is about mastering a few designs at a time and making each one special. Every FACA design must answer the following questions:

  1. Does it have an undeniable uniqueness?
  2. Can it stand the test of time?
  3. Is it beautiful though its simplicity?

Only by following these principals can we attain the best possible results, and that is what we hope will make our customers happy.


Take a behind the scenes look at our sourcing journey in Hong Kong

An international man wears FACA - an international affair -